Manifestation through healing

Manifestation through healing

Were you suffering a lot and, at the same time, getting enough healing to manifest something greater in your life?
Have you leveraged your experiences to try to accomplish great things?

Our guest today is all about strength. And, at the same time, acknowledging the vulnerability and of the deep feminine.

Sara Schulting-Krantz is a proud mom of 3, a business owner, a mountain and ocean adventurer, an artist, and a former teacher. In other words, a great manifestor! 

She has manifested all that with the challenges of being a single mom after a painful break — described in detail over the interview — and trying to repurpose and manifest herself.

You could think that Sara is a superheroine, right?

What is great about our interview is that Kristina addresses all her wisdom through asking questions from vulnerability; the questions about how she manifests are dips into her deep feelings of unprotection and undeservingness.

Our guest opens up and shows us how the process of manifestation unfolds in her most difficult areas!

Also, Kristina dives deep into how and what she doesn’t manifest in her love life.

Which is something that is out of your complete control!

Sara has gone through what most people could label as a failure, but she sees paths that aren’t fulfilled as just stepping stones into the next level. 

Sara tells us how not manifesting experiences are opportunities for learning and self-building. 

So, what is manifesting according to her?

Manifesting is all about doing what you’re saying you will do. That is why you can’t be a failure; you can’t fail because you have to feel when you are ready.”

Wow! Powerful.

Lots of questions come after that!

So, when do we know we’re ready to do something? 

Sara tells us to tune into our bodies. You can learn to feel when you are fully ready in different settings. She said to focus on your gut, your gut will tell you.

Stop searching, there is where you control the outcome, that thing you FEEL in your gut!

So, then What?

What is the process of manifesting?

Kristina was surprised to know that maybe we usually think that readiness has to come before deserving, not the other way round!

Like, you need to feel really ready and then, you can tune into deserving. That doesn’t need to always be the case.

Not deserving can be there for so long, according to Sara’s experience, and you can be ready, but you don’t feel deserving.

Deserving of love, respect, of everything you need to manifest your desire. You might feel ready, but there is a hidden non-deservedness that goes in there. Then, the healing takes place.

So, how can you manifest while healing?

Sara is all about activity in nature. Nature brings us healing, while activity makes us do things that bring action into the picture!

And get some results, even if they differ from the ones we were expecting. 

When you know the missing piece, you go into nature. Surrender the control of the outcome to nature and process.

In that setting, you ask yourself: stop searching!

There, where you feel that in your body! That is where you control the outcome. Then, you will be going to that place in nature, getting some movement, surrendering.

Know what’s missing and surrender to a thing greater than yourself, a great belief! That life unfolds FOR me, not TO me.

From that standpoint, you can easily step into forgiveness.

That is why Sara loves to make healing retreats in nature! She tells us about pretty wild experiences! 

In the mountains, in the desert… in a storm doing paddle surf 4 miles from shore… In all those experiences, something great manifested for her; some guidance was brought to her! And she went back safely after that!

In nature, and sometimes in those difficult experiences, you can visualize and then manifest and see things that are in front of you. You will have no doubt that they exist.

You visualize things that you want to manifest, eg, a really big and beautiful rainbow, and when they come, you don’t doubt what is in front of you. When you are lost, don’t doubt you’re being guided constantly.

That can happen because you surrender to something that is greater than yourself, and you let that tell you what you need. What is it that you’re missing?

In other words: you let yourself be guided!

How? By sitting in awe and wonder. Awe, and wonder of what is possible from this wild force.

Being able to feel awe and wonder when you’re going through trauma is really important, for it is the way of connecting with something greater than that!

The next step to manifest would be to go childlike. 

Why, you might wonder? Really? Being childish is the way to manifest everything? And to deep healing?

Sara brings great insight into this:

Children don’t doubt that there is an outcome there that they can accomplish. The next big step. They don’t doubt what is in front of them, right?

Trust that what happened to you is part of your process to what is next.

Tune into the moonlight from this space of play and curiosity and feel your body. Just tune into your emotions!

Look around you. You will receive your signs there. And trust that you will be guided to your next step.

From this perspective, misleading the signs is just not possible. Because as children, we just believe we are guided.

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