Your Greatest
Comes From

Do you have the courage to rise to your strengths and your flaws in exchange for true freedom, success, and authentic life?

Your Greatest
Comes From

Do you have the courage to rise to your strengths and your flaws in exchange for true freedom, success, and authentic life?

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I’m a serial entrepreneur, speaker, mother, philanthropist, everyday-life philosopher, and a woman on her own journey of spiritual growth.

I’m also the co-founder of Mindvalley, a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages.

And it’s not all work — accepting yourself is also about pleasure and play 😉

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Take this free 7-day video quest to make happiness a practice, not a destination, based on your definition and your goals — so you can be authentically, unapologetically you

About me

As an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, partner, and mother — I’ve been engaging in the personal transformation industry for over 15 years, collaborating and playing with leading thinkers and teachers in consciousness, relationships, human performance, and life optimisation.

I started my career working for the government of Estonia, where I was born and raised, before I joined the non-profit sector and worked for organisations such as the United Nations, Oxfam, and AIESEC. In 2003, I co-founded Mindvalley — a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages. In 2009, I launched Mindvalley Russian, taking Mindvalley’s best authors and teachings to the Russian-speaking market.

I’m also the author of Live By Your Own Rules, a 30-day optimal learning quest designed for transformation to help you identify, understand, and accept all the dimensions of your authentic self so that you can live an extraordinary life and make happiness a regular practice.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been fortunate to acquire the tools and systems to help me make authenticity the heart of my life. Whether it’s starting my own businesses, being active in causes I’m passionate about, going to the places I love, embracing the virtuous and the “wicked” of my femininity, singing my two children to sleep, playing the harp or immersing myself in classical literature — I’m set on taking in and relishing every moment as it comes. And I invite you to do the same, in your own way.


Here I am

I share many of my own lessons, mistakes,
and ponderings as and when they hit me.
Can you relate?

Are You Willing

To Be You?

Live By Your Own Rules

In this 30-day quest built for transformation, conducted in real time with a fully-integrated global community — you’ll experience key ideas and tools to look deeply within yourself, within your life, and within your beliefs so you can accept who you are for all your strengths and “weaknesses”, and create the authentic, extraordinary life you desire… by your own rules.

Media & Stage


Key Topics and Presentations
That I’ve Delivered as a Speaker

How To Be Happy with

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani

But first, do you even know what happiness is? In this talk, delivered at the Mindvalley University City Campus in Tallinn, we address the most glorified topic in personal growth — this time without the rose-tinted glasses.

Love For Yourself Is The Beginning Of A Lifelong Romance

What are your thoughts on authenticity? I believe that the surest way to change the way you influence the world is to change your relationship with yourself.

The 7 Deadly Mistakes

in Business

Are you learning from the mistakes you make when building your business? In this talk, I reveal the 7 biggest mistakes I’ve made in my journey, as well as the insights that later turned my business into a massive success.

Experience Me

Upcoming Events and Gatherings

‘Be Extraordinary’ Seminar

Swing Open The Doors To A Life Beyond Ordinary…
By Harnessing Aspects Of The Human Mind Most
People Have Yet To Wake Up To

Be Extraordinary is a transcendent 1-day seminar that empowers you to bend reality and live an extraordinary life by taking you through all the essential Mindvalley philosophies and tying together the best teachings from all of its top authors. Learn how to integrate Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude, Advanced Goal Setting, Creative Visualization, and Intention into your daily life.

Mindvalley Intuition Training

Tap Into Your Enhanced Intuition By Learning
to Access Altered States and Deep Meditation

Mindvalley Intuition is an intensive 2-Day seminar derived from the work of the late Jose Silva, who developed and perfected his renowned training system — The Silva Method. In this training, Mindvalley has condensed his life work into a format that you can immediately apply to your life, by teaching you how to develop waking intuition, tap into theta consciousness, heal past issues and inner-conflicts, take creative visualization to a new level, and so much more.

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