The healing power of YOU

The healing power of YOU

Missed opportunities, avoiding social events, stifled creativity, and fear of forming new relationships—do these blockers seem all too familiar? Often, these barricades stem from unhealed emotional trauma, hindering your innate healing power from unfolding its magic. 

“There’s nothing wrong with any of you; it’s what happened to you,” explains Mary Sise, a licensed clinical social worker who integrates energy psychology into her work, in an episode of Honest Conversations with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani. The thing is, everything can be transmuted, and every belief you have programmed, she adds, “can be reprogrammed.”

So imagine a moment where all that weight on your shoulders lifts away. Imagine choosing to do things because it feels right and good for you. That’s what embracing your own healing power can do.

Mary Sise, a seasoned psychotherapist and prominent voice in energy psychology, has dedicated over two decades to advancing healing practices that intertwine mind, body, and spirit. Despite being a successful author, teacher, and healer, Mary’s own journey encountered turbulent times that even her expertise couldn’t immediately resolve. Her pursuit of truth led her to Her Holiness Sai Maa, unearthing a transformative path that rejuvenated her healing and teaching methods. Author of several books, including the Amazon best-seller, The Energy of Belief, Mary has profoundly impacted the field by introducing innovative methods like The Soul Weaving Process. Additionally, she tirelessly advocates for the holistic integration of energy techniques in clinical practices.

What Is Healing Power?

“Healing power,” in a conventional and widely-accepted sense, typically refers to the capability of the body and mind to recover from illness or hardship. Scientifically, it may be understood in terms of the body’s physical ability to repair and recover, such as wound healing or recovering from illness. 

According to Mary, the power of healing extends beyond physical and mental wellness; it also touches our spirit and energy. Her work with energy psychology and spiritual psychology suggests that our mind and spirit connect with our overall well-being.

In fact, a 2022 study by David Feinstein shows energy psychology can help people feel better by combining special pressure point techniques with talking therapies. His research found that it’s especially helpful for people dealing with hard times, like after a natural disaster or violent event, by giving quick relief and supporting long-term healing.

These pressure point techniques, in combination with talking therapies, are exactly what Mary’s an expert at. But she takes it one step further to incorporate spiritual intentioning to answer questions like “Who am I?”, “Who are you?”, and even “What’s happening on this planet right now?”

And by doing so, a world opens up where healing isn’t just about bouncing back but about thriving with newfound insight and tranquility.

5 Benefits of the Power of Healing

Harnessing your self-healing power through emotional and spiritual psychology might be the key to unlocking a new chapter of wellness in your life. Let’s break down how this journey opens doors to some pretty cool changes.

  • Feeling lighter. You let go of heavy feelings, making your hearts feel a bit lighter and your days a bit brighter.
  • Knowing yourself better. You understand yourself more deeply, guiding you to make choices that make you happy and fulfilled.
  • Being healthier. When your mind and spirit are happy and peaceful, your body often feels better and healthier too.
  • Getting stronger. You not only rebound from tough times with more ease but also strengthen your emotional resilience.
  • Feeling more connected. Spiritual healing often helps us feel a deep and peaceful connection with everything around us, making life feel more meaningful and serene.

Embracing emotional and spiritual healing allows you to shed burdens along the way. As Mary says, “You’re a healing power on this planet,” so it’s up to you to reprogram yourself.

How to Use Your Healing Power, According to Mary Sise

Diving into your healing power doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s about simple, intentional actions and belief in oneself. Let’s gently walk through some of Mary’s ideas and tips about how you can really embrace your inner healing power and start making a difference in your own well-being.

1. Recognize the Healing Within

Imagine having a tough day where everything goes wrong and anxiety starts to creep in, yet finding a small moment of peace when you take a deep breath at home. That little bit of peace is your healing power, quietly working in the background.

So, recognizing it starts with pausing, especially during difficult times. Then, let that peaceful feeling in, truly believing it’s there to support you.

It’s this subtle, gentle energy within you that, according to Mary, can grow stronger the more you notice and lean into it. This internal resource can help you navigate through tough times with a bit more ease and grace.

2. Identify Your Intentions

When emotional trauma weighs heavily, setting clear intentions can be a sturdy bridge to healing. One study shows that therapists, once trained, helped people move from just having healing goals to actually taking action by using a planning method called “implementation intentions.”

Stating intentions is like providing a guiding light, steering your healing power to where you wish to see change. According to Mary, think about how “healing” looks and feels specifically for you, creating a mental picture or “map” for your path forward. 

This mindset actively visualizes and aims for wellness, not just wishing for healing. It directs your personal healing power to act purposefully, becoming a gentle yet firm hand guiding you through the recovery journey.

3. Adopt Tapping Techniques

Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), involves gently tapping on specific pressure points on your body, such as the top of your head, your eyebrows, and under your eyes, while voicing positive affirmations to yourself. 

For example, during a moment of stress or recalling a traumatic event, you might tap and say, “Even though I am feeling anxious, I deeply love and accept myself.”

The practice not only advocates self-compassion but also fosters a mindset poised for post-traumatic growth. By actively engaging with and redirecting your emotional responses, tapping becomes a valuable tool in your healing journey.

It’s not just a soothing practice, though; it has scientific backing too. A notable study by Dawson Church demonstrated that tapping effectively reduces cortisol levels in the body, thereby alleviating stress.

So picture yourself utilizing tapping: gently directing your own healing power to areas of emotional pain while uttering words of self-compassion and reassurance. This act tangibly intertwines your emotional and physical beings, propelling you on your path toward healing and growth.

Nurture Your Nature

You have a healing power inside you that is ready to help when you need it most. This journey might be hard at times, but it’s also an opportunity to grow and to transform in beautiful ways. 

The thing is, your healing doesn’t just cover up pain; it becomes a real, meaningful part of who you are. As Mary says, “You are so powerful. You’re a healing power on this planet.”

If you want to explore more, tune into Honest Conversations on Kristina’s YouTube. With a wealth of insights and wisdom, you can learn to illuminate every step of your future path with wellness and understanding.

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