Uplevel your mindset and become a powerful creator

Uplevel your mindset and become a powerful creator

Ever find yourself in a conversation with someone who utters the words, “Oh, that’s just how I am,” when they’ve hit a roadblock or failed at something they’ve attempted? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. 

It’s an easy escape, a comfortable nook of acceptance we all sometimes retreat to when faced with failure. Yet, what if there’s more to us than the limiting narrative we’ve become accustomed to?

This is the realm of mindset—a subtle yet potent force that wields significant influence over our lives. Think of it as the background music in the movie of your life. It’s always there, subtly shaping your actions, reactions, successes, and failures.

Now enter Nicole Rosé, a manifestation coach and creator of The Manifest Mindset™. In the enlightening conversation with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani on an episode of Honest Conversations, she dives into the transformative power of adopting a positive mental attitude. 

This attitude has nothing to do with ignoring the challenging aspects of life. Rather, it’s about understanding your potential to learn, adapt, and grow, irrespective of the circumstances you find yourself in.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

Your hard work, never giving up, and bouncing back from failures are what make us better—and that’s what a growth mindset is all about. It means that when you face a tough situation or make a mistake, you don’t say, “I’m just not good at this” (this is a characteristic of a fixed mindset). Instead, you see these as chances to learn and get better.

It’s “the idea that abilities can be developed,” according to psychologist Carol Dweck, who coined the term. In her TED talk, she explains that this way of thinking occurs when someone engages deeply, processes the error, learns from the situation, and corrects it.

That’s because at the heart of a growth mindset lies the principle of neuroplasticity and how our brains are remarkably malleable. They can form new connections and pathways throughout your life, challenging the old belief that intelligence is a fixed trait.

Simply put, a growth mindset can change your life. It can shift how you handle challenges, helping you bounce back from failures. And according to research, those with a growth mindset exhibit better academic outcomes, lower stress, and improved self-efficacy for health behaviors. 

Yet, as powerful as the concept of a growth mindset is, it’s not a switch you flip. It’s a philosophy you adopt for a more heart-centered life.

What Does Mindset Have to Do With Manifestation?

Mindset and manifestation are intrinsically linked. When it comes to manifestation, your mindset essentially sets the stage. 

If you harbor a positive, open, and receptive mindset, you align yourself with self-love and positive experiences as well as outcomes. Conversely, if your mindset is closed, negative, or limiting, it becomes much harder to attract and manifest the things you desire.

It’s not just about thinking positively, though. Manifestation also requires actionable steps that align with your desired outcomes—essentially moving your feet in the direction your mind is pointing. 

Your mindset informs your actions in a significant way. At the same time, it shapes your reality; hence, it becomes a critical factor in the process of manifestation.

How to Change Your Mindset for Manifestation: Nicole Rosé’s Expert Insights

Turning the tide of your life towards success starts with your mind. And Nicole is the perfect person to help guide you through it.

Let’s look at her top tips for cultivating a growth mindset.

1. Balance Mindset and Action for Manifestation

According to Nicole, there needs to be a balance between mindset and action. It’s like being a hardworking beaver, furiously constructing a dam in a river with an unforgiving current. It’s admirable, right? 

But let’s be honest, it’s also a bit exhausting just to watch.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. As Nicole points out, it’s all about aligning your actions with your mindset, better known as “energetically aligned actions.”

This is when every action and every decision are rooted in your core beliefs and values. It’s about engaging in activities that light you up and resonate with who you are at your deepest level.

This alignment doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges; far from it. But when the hurdles appear, they’re less like immovable walls and more like puzzles to be solved. 

And because you’re acting from a place of authenticity and happiness, the challenges feel less daunting and more like an exciting part of the journey.

Nicole Rosé’s insight: “The energy with which you enter into any action will determine the outcomes of that action. So what does that mean? First and foremost, you’ve got to water the soil, you’ve got to plant the seed, you’ve got to build the foundation.”

2. Your Energy Is Your Power

Think of energy as a hidden superpower, a secret sauce that gives you an edge in your manifestation journey. It might sound like a concept from a high-tech sci-fi novel, but it’s grounded in the reality of our daily lives.

Now, you might be wondering, “What does energy have anything to do with it?” 

Well, just like a radio tunes into different frequencies to catch various channels, you also need to tune your energy to match your desired outcomes. This is more than just positive thinking; it’s about resonating with the “vibes” of your aspirations.

To do this, Nicole suggests stepping into the mindset of the person you aspire to be, visualizing it, feeling it. Imagine waking up as this person, going about your day, making decisions, and interacting with the world. It’s about aligning your thoughts and actions with your future self and letting that energy influence your daily choices.

But don’t mistake this for make-believe or pretending. Rather, it’s about embodying the energy of your dreams now, so when they materialize, it feels like a natural progression, not a drastic shift. By harnessing your energy in this way, we can channel it to attract and manifest the success we seek.

Nicole Rosé’s insight: “Your energy is your power. And your energy is highest, flying on the vibration of the discs of the things that you want.”

3. Rewire Your Subconscious with The Manifest Mindset™

The final jewel in Nicole Rosé’s trove of wisdom is her specially designed The Manifest Mindset™. This is a tool that aims to rewire your subconscious beliefs.

The reality is, you carry around this internal critic that likes to show up uninvited at the most inconvenient times. We all do. And it’s sole purpose is to spit out self-defeating thoughts and doubts. 

“Can I really do this?”

“Am I good enough?”

“What if I fail?”

Do any of these sound familiar? This, according to Nicole, is a common part of the human experience. But, more importantly, she shares that you don’t have to sign up for lifetime membership in this club.

This is where The Manifest Mindset™ tool helps. It sucks up these littered limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind, like a Roomba going around in your living room.

“These negative nagging thoughts—whatever you want to call it (I call it like your inner sh*t disturber)—they’re there to, like, get you off track,” explains Nicole. “When you can reframe that thought in a moment, then guess what? You are less wobbly. You’re more consistent, right? You can keep that upward trajectory with your energy, and then you can call in your manifestations quicker.”

And while there’s no one-size-fits-all, knowing how to be honest with yourself about your subconscious beliefs and using The Manifest Mindset™, you align with your highest self. And that is the dream.

Nicole Rosé’s insight: “I’ve come up with a mindset tool, right? We call that the Manifest Mindset. For every person that I work with that has statements—very positive, specifically-crafted statements—that we uncover together that are written about them that they read every morning after meditation when their brain is in the alpha wave state, I know you understand what I’m saying, so they’re implanting these statements in their subconscious and so they can somewhat continue on that journey.”

Unlock the Manifestation Matrix

Let’s reiterate: the path to a growth mindset is not a straight line. There will be twists, turns, and detours. But with every step forward, you’ll become a little stronger, a little wiser, and a lot more capable of navigating life’s challenges.

Nicole’s powerful insights are an invitation to delve deeper into yourself and confront your fears. They encourage you to embrace your flaws and, most importantly, believe in your capacity for growth and transformation.

The first step starts, of course, with you. And you can find guidance and insights to do so in Nicole Rosé’s insightful conversation with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani on Honest Conversations.

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