You are the voice 

You are the voice 

“In every meeting, whatever job you do, you have to speak up. And if you don’t, other people will speak up for you,” says Tobias Beck, a motivational speaker, consultant, and author of the best-selling Unbox Your Life!

The thing is, every single one of us has a voice, a story that can shake the world (and if not, then shake it for at least one person). But for many of us, mustering up the words or the courage to say anything can be as difficult as moving a mountain.

That’s how Tobias can help—in finding your voice, fine-tuning it, and letting it loose. In this episode of Honest Conversations with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, he shares how to turn your whispers into words that resonate, to craft a message that not only speaks your truth but also echoes in the hearts of others.

Tobias Beck is a motivational speaker, consultant, and author known for his engaging style and focus on personal development. He gained recognition in the German-speaking world as an impactful public speaker and has been described by the media as one of the best in his field. Tobias is also the author of the best-selling book Unbox Your Life!, in which he offers advice and strategies on how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live a more fulfilled life. His approach combines entertainment with education—often referred to as “edutainment”—to connect with his audience and make learning more engaging. He uses his personal experiences to encourage others to “unbox” their lives, develop their potential, and embrace success. Tobias’s work also extends to seminars, workshops, and coaching, where he helps individuals and organizations improve their communication, leadership, and motivational skills.

The Essence of “Unboxing” Your Voice

When Tobias talks about “unboxing,” he refers to the process of breaking free from self-imposed limitations and revealing your full potential. It unpacks layers of doubt, fear, and restraint to uncover the authentic self and to live a more heart-centered life.

This relates, too, to your voice. It allows your genuine self to communicate openly and confidently. This act empowers you to express your thoughts and ideas more fully, engage in meaningful dialogue, and make an impactful contribution to the world around you.

“My motto ‘you are the voice’ is more that there’s a time in your life where it’s not okay to be quiet anymore,” says Tobias. In this age of social media, sharing your likes and dislikes, about where you live or things you admire in others, becomes a way to connect and contribute. And, as he adds, “it is very egoistic not to share your story,” emphasizing the importance of expressing your unique perspective.

And when you liberate your communication to better align with your true self and ambitions, you let your voice be heard as it was meant to be.

Tobias Beck’s Strategy for Personal Empowerment

Discovering your voice goes beyond just speaking out. It’s about sharing your life’s tales in a way that resonates with others. 

Tobias understands this well. He urges you to see your life as a collection of stories that have the power to motivate and uplift not just you but everyone around you. This is where the power of storytelling truly shines.

For instance, Tobias recalls his own life-changing moment in an elevator with the Dalai Lama, a time when his nervousness almost overcame him. From this, he learned a valuable lesson: when emotions rise, it can be hard to keep our wits about us. But it’s these very stories—the ones where we face our fears and vulnerabilities—that deeply connect us to others.

What’s more, sharing something so uniquely yours has been proven to be effective. According to a study published in Social Science & Medicine, personal stories can increase empathy and understanding in listeners, making the message more impactful.

By sharing these moments, you’re doing more than recounting events; you’re inviting others to feel and learn from your experiences. As Tobias says, “If you manage to put emotions into your topic, people get immediately attracted to you because then they see you are real.”

Overcoming Barriers to Expression

Opening up and using your voice is easier said than done. If you’re feeling stuck or shy, Tobias shares wisdom that can help you break through.

  1. Share personal stories: Dive into storytelling techniques. Start with your own life stories to build a genuine connection with your audience. This authenticity is what truly engages and holds their attention.
  1. Embrace every aspect of your life: Why is finding your voice important? Because it represents your entire journey. Acknowledge both your successes and failures. This honesty brings depth to your voice and helps others relate to you.
  1. Acknowledge the audience’s perspective: Remember, overcoming shyness also means stepping into your listeners’ shoes. They care about what’s in it for them. So, craft your message to resonate with their experiences and needs.
  1. Body language awareness: Your body speaks as loudly as your words. A simple tilt of the head can make you seem more approachable, easing the way for your voice to be heard.
  1. Speak to connect, not impress: Focus on feeling worthy of being listened to rather than impressing others. This shift can relieve the pressure and make speaking feel more natural.

“If your story has the potential to change one person in the audience—only one,” Tobias highlights, “you’re not doing something stupid.”

And with these insights from Tobias, plus a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself, you’re not just overcoming barriers to expression…as well as dismantling them. And as you do, your voice grows stronger, ready to share your unique story with the world.

You Are the Voice

Your story matters, and finding your voice to tell it is greatly important. Tobias Beck’s insights can guide you using your thoughts, emotions, and inner self. When you find balance among them, you’re bound to discover who you are, authentically.

Ready for more? If you want to learn how to let your voice be heard, tune into Honest Conversations with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani.

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