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Why do we demonise our flaws in the name of perfection? Why do we hide our flawsomeness, as opposed to celebrating it?

In my upcoming book “Becoming Flawesome”, I reflected on my own story, and what it took for me to return to what I now deem to be my most authentic self, warts and all. Or as I like to call it, with my dragons.

It’s odd to think that we can simultaneously be living as ourselves, without ourselves. But it’s true that in order to uncover ourselves, in order to become truly flawesome, we will probably have to lose ourselves first. So how did we lose ourselves in the first place?

I know it is far from conventional to begin a book with many questions and no answers. But it is my belief that a good book is a journey, not a destination, as is life.

I also believe that it is in answering such questions, in your own time and your own way, that you will begin to uncover the path back to yourself, and in turn, live in your flawsomeness. When you undo these puzzles, and untie these knots, the way will be clear.

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