Your unique code of happiness and success

Your unique code of happiness and success

Wei Houng is an International Speaker & Trainer, Author, and Executive Certified Technologist of Human Optimization (CTHO).

He is passionate about helping people avoid self-sabotage, and unlock and find their path. He has worked with celebrities and entrepreneurs for a long time. 

Kristina’s questions are around happiness, and why Wei thinks that happiness is unique for everyone!

Wei states that happiness comes with our unique code. If all of ous were to sit down and say: what is happiness for us, what would happen?

He did this exercise in his group training, and the result was that nobody had the same 5 words. So there must be something unique about happiness and every person.

Kristina is very interested to know Wei’s opinion on the relationship between happiness and success.

Wei answers that happiness is tied to success in some way: we want to be successful and happy. At some point, we want to find the harmonic between happiness and success. Sometimes, society doesn’t think that being happy and successful at the same time; we have been conditioned: there is a concept called money rich, happiness poor and somehow, we have been raised to separate the two. The importance of having sustainable success means that you need to be happy with whatever you do. I do not think anybody wants to be unhappy successful. 

Kristina comes out really sceptical about a “country’s” definition of happiness, because she says that a lot of questions of what is happiness come up for her when she sees those rankings!

Wei agrees, and says that random places in the world have the greatest happiness definitions, and they don’t have half of the things that he has. “So, am I being happy in my own terms? Or am I following a happiness definition that is not necessarily mine?”

What contributes to human conflict comes from judgements of others. So listening to other’s definition of success without judgement is being able to support other’s journey. So, happiness can come from meeting a humble person from the industry. Every university has their own party time!

A lot of the challenge comes from how do we think we are raised as human beings. You’re right! Society regards happiness and joy as unprofessional. That creates this mutual exclusivity. They come from means and labels with people who are too positive, doesn’t take that seriously. 

Maybe we take happiness very seriously!

When he’s been consulted on entrepreneurship and tech issues, he was faced with the quantum physical expression of human nature is the basis behind a technology that was able to be patented that he assessed. It was not psychometric based, which is based on perspective and opinion in the end. This is why their innovation couldn’t be patented.

The technology is based on the three main pillars of quantum mechanics, which is gravity, nuclear force and electromagnetism. 

If you look at a Ferrari and a Prius, you can feel which are the characteristics of each one, and what they can give you. 

So, Wei had a question that wanted to answer since he was a kid. 

The question: why does everybody look different. This technology the he and his associates have been working on answers the question. It actually implies our communication styles and how can we get our path of happiness, success and every unique way of 

World leaders can apply this technology because they are really worried that they have to babysit other people. So with this, they can create a space where everybody is valued by their uniqueness. It’s a ten minute online assessment. That produces a unique grid of results. 

It’s an entire grid that represents all humanity. Once the results come through, we are able to reveal your emotional drivers, as well as your way to get energized. How to share with the world as a method of communication and information. 

People feel so validated when they have the results. It feels like freedom, where you don’t have to follow other paths anymore but your own.

There is no right or wrong. The intellectual centered person will speak more practically and the emotional person will be more eloquent. When you are doing that in a regular basis, then there is the strong state.

When life happens, when there is chaos, then there is a weak state of expression of that same driver. It’s a controlling state, it’s manipulation. Then, when you understand that this is your weakest state that emerges, then, your best self can emerge, because your forgive yourself at the highest.

So, What is HumanOp Technologies?

HumanOp Technologies is a patented Human Assessment methodology that generates an exclusive “operating manual” for individuals. The ULT identifies unique authentic needs, motivators and how to best communicate with others. It also helps you download information from the Universe about what you are supposed to do in life.

The HumanOp Technologies platform consists of three parts:

A patented assessment tool called the Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) which generates an exclusive ‘operating manual’ for individuals;

A platform where people can connect with each other based on their shared interests;

An app which allows users access their customized report via mobile devices

HumanOp Technologies provides a wide range of services. These include:

Personal and family development

Professional coaching

Team building

Marketing analysis technology

You can go to to know more about this technology.

Wei demonstrated how just with a picture there can be insights on what is the personality of one of our guests questions. 

Kristina asks about procrastination and how other qualities that maybe we don’t want to acknowledge between yourselves!

Wei says that there is a “romantic” spock, that says that Kristina has, you need to do things that other types can’t do or don’t need to do. What type of meditation works for someone who is intellectually centered?

With this technology, you can accept who you are authentically and just say to others that you’re recharging your unique batteries!

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