The ONE question you need to stop avoiding

The ONE question you need to stop avoiding

There are questions we shouldn’t avoid, as people and as a society as a whole. Why are public figures in Europe and modern countries still claiming that being a mother should be your only job?

How do you juggle being a mom in those cultures? And working?

Balance is meant to be a moment in your life, it’s not about a lifetime. So, balance doesn’t just stay, says Jenna Kutcher.

Jenna Kutcher is an entrepreneur and mom of 2. She loves carving out a life you don’t have to pretend to like. Avoiding small talk since 1988.

So, balance has to do more with perfection. She shows an hourglass as an example: one grain of sand can de-juggle the entire picture. When it comes to career and motherhood, you need to know precisely at what time it’s the right blend to the mix, so to speak. And it keeps changing. 

Jenna Kutcher is a born-and-raised Minnesota wife, mother, and entrepreneur who aims for two things daily: helping others wake up to life and staying in comfy pants. Creator and host of the top-rated The Goal Digger podcast, she’s helped thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams through her decade-long work as a leading online educator. 

Kristina brings up the societal pressure of being a mom or a stay-at-home mom. 

Jenna Kutcher says her husband wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, and she was surprised. And they both struggled with the pressure of their family, which was very traditional. They couldn’t understand their vision at first, but if you can get a team that supports your vision, it can be done against the views of culture, family members, etc!

Kristina says that a lot of people can succumb to peer pressure. Sometimes, bit by bit, we start to get disconnected when we achieve our goals. 

Jenna explains that she didn’t feel like she thought when she hit six figures. So many people, when that happens, get a higher goal instead of reflecting on why they aren’t happy. 

So… the conversation title is “the one question you need to stop avoiding”: Jenna says that it’s in her book and an introspective question. The difference between the “how are you” you feel safe to answer, unlike the “how are you” that feels like you just can say, “yeah, you know, fine, busy with the kids”!.

From this point and from an honest answer, a good journey is when you get to the place you want to go. The problem with achieving goals is not that per se, it is that you are achieving the goals in the wrong ways!

You can’t reach your goals with someone else’s roadmap if you don’t know where you’re starting from! Jenna affirms it’s a mistake we make when things don’t work out for us. Following someone else’s roadmap. And not being honest with your situation at the moment. Not coming from the acceptance of what you’re truly experiencing, living, or coming from.

With the great resignation, many women said that working the number of hours wasn’t just working for them.

Jenna always leveraged her previous experiences when she felt life wasn’t aligned for her anymore and wanted to shift. She claims she never abandoned her previous activities. She looked for safety and security always as a guide and as a result.

As a piece of advice, she states that you have opportunities right now that can bring you where you wanna go. 

Her steps were recognizing what she didn’t want first, which according to her is the most critical step to change. For example: ”I want to stop trading time for money. How do I do that? What would work for me from this point?”

She calls this the starting point. 

She advises that before you get to that starting point, maybe you’re not good at something because you have been following someone else’s roadmap. So consider that before thinking you are at your starting point!

Jenna strongly believes that life is a mix of the woo and the work. We feel that we have to choose between the manifestors and the hustlers, and it might not be a choice! You can turn decades into days when people teach you, but you have to check in with yourself and say if this goal is really good for you.

Kristina says what happens when you can’t juggle it all: you are working, and you miss your kids! Jenna strongly advises us to be all in there when you are because if not, you’re not gonna be working, and you’re not gonna be with your kids.

At this point, Kristina asks about how you can ask for help when you really need it. Or when you can’t hire someone to help you! And do not see it as a weakness!!

Jenna answers that sometimes, there are times in your life when you can have more time to trade it for money, and sometimes the other way around. And asking for a little bit of help is not humiliating. If you find yourself doing a task over and over again. Ask yourself: how do I get time back?

A lot of achievers try to save time to work more. But if you actually stop, enjoy life, and meditate, you can be more aware of your calling and achieve more.

Jenna says that if we do not know what is the next step, a lot of times, the way lights up by itself. Sometimes, when we are doing the work, we unlock the fact that the legacy comes to when we have other people achieve.

Also, when building a successful business, Jenna says that many of us believe a lie of momentum: “if I stop, everything will stop”. And that is a lie. It is ok to rest; resting is good. Have you ever gone on a vacation?-She wonders.

If we can train ourselves to rest, rest can come to us! And after rest, we do everything better. We thrive, and we are more ready to serve the world.

A sentence that Kristina shares: “we are human beings, not human doings”.

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